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Planning the Perfect Headshot for Your Business

August 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Whether you're a small-business owner, a ceo, an employee, or a college intern, you either have a headshot that may need updating or need to get your first headshot done soon.  Do you know what you want and how to prepare? 

Gone are the days of traditional, studio headshots, with a colored background and you sitting on a stool with your head tilted, as being the best and only option.  There is a wave of new and modern headshots happening that started in the creative industry and is making its way through all industries.  

Having a well photographed, modern headshot, is so important, and not only for your website, but for your overall business.  It gives your potential client their first look into the person behind the business and product /service.  It’s the first opportunity for your potential client to connect with YOU.  Which we know is ever important in business today.

So if it’s time for you to consider updating your headshot, or time for you to prepare for your very first professional headshot, here are five tips to help you get started planning!

Hire a Professional Photographer

Everyone knows someone with a really good camera, yes.  But that does not make them a professional.  The best way to look professional and be taken seriously in your industry is to make sure your headshot is professional.  Even if you are going for the modern, more personable and relaxed style of today’s headshots, you should still hire a pro.  It’s worth every penny of the investment.

Your Personality

Your headshot does NOT have to be the cookie-cutter, traditional headshot so many of us grew up seeing.  You will connect even more with your potential clients with a photograph that shows your own personality and style.  That’s what makes the image feel authentic and natural!

Infuse your Brand

What setting would best fit your brand?  An urban downtown street? Or a grassy, natural, relaxing park?  If your brand identifies with particular colors, then incorporate those colors in some, or all, of your shots.  How would your ideal client feel about these headshots?  Keep your ideal client in mind when picking the location and attire for your photo shoot, and discuss this with your photographer so they understand your ideal client as well, and can help you achieve the right look for your business.

Props : Yes or No?

Usually the answer to incorporating props into a professional headshot is no, unless there is a particular tool to your craft and business that will help make it very clear to your potential client what exactly it is that you do.  For example, it’s ok as a photographer to incorporate your camera into your headshot, or for a personal chef to wear an apron or hold a knife. 

Another way to clearly communicate your skill and profession is to have your photographs taken in your professional workspace, or to have photos taken with you in action – a realtor meeting with clients or their staff, or a hair and makeup artist applying makeup on a client.

Think Variety

Variety is a key aspect to the modern, relaxed, lifestyle headshot and photoshoot.  When you have shots of you looking at the camera, shots of you looking away from the camera, and some shots of you in “action”, you will have a variety of images to use on your website that will still be cohesive, and give your potential clients the best overall picture of YOU (helping them connect with you even more).  And you will then always have a variety of photographs to pull from for future marketing pieces, social media posts, or advertisements – while still being cohesive with your brand and website.



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